The Bazura Project Season Two Trailer

We’re coming back for seconds.

The Bazura Project Season Two Promo – Variety

We know exactly what it is you want from your television.

The Bazura Project Season Two Promo – On This Week’s Show

A special preview of this week’s show.

The Bazura Project Season Two Promo – Very Special Reason

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Why should you watch The Bazura Project? There’s one very special reason.

The Bazura Project Season Two Promo – What We Have

We may not have all the fancy things other shows have, but we do have something they don’t.

Reason Special Very

Filmmaking tip: if a scene isn’t working, try shaking things up.

The Bazura Project 2.01 – Opening

Bazura is back, and it’s on a mission from God.

The Bazura Project 2.01 – News

Unnecessary sequels, online Batman villains, crappy directors and the greatest movie team-up since the last two.

The Bazura Project 2.01 – Feature Story

In a new Bazura Guide To Cinephelia, we have our own meet-cute with the codes and conventions of the romantic comedy. Watch this segment and you’ll either fall in love or learn how to make a romcom before dying alone.

The Bazura Project 2.01 – Interview

Jack Sargeant is an expert in underground cinema. Lee and Shannon are experts in not knowing about underground cinema. Together, the three of them are a match made in underground heaven. Which is technically hell. This description is going terribly.

The Bazura Project 2.01 – Reviews

Is Shrek the Third worth your time and money? Shannon and Lee force their opinions upon anyone who can’t shut the browser window down fast enough.

The Bazura Project 2.01 – Outro


The Bazura Project 2.02 – Opening

Choose life. Choose The Bazura Project.

The Bazura Project 2.02 – News

New Pixar films, Indiana Jones casting, unnecessary sequels, and the prequel nobody needed.

The Bazura Project 2.02 – Feature Story

What’s in a name? 1979 Bette Midler vehicle The Rose, by any other name, would have made as much money. Or would it? The twists and turns and trends in movie titling is explored.

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