Antenna Awards


Occasionally, someone would be nice and give us an award. These awards usually came from the annual Antenna Awards, the ceremony celebrating excellence in community television. Actually, they always came from the Antennas, and for that we are grateful. Although the conspiracy theory persists that our name was repeatedly read out by mistake and all of our awards were all supposed to go to Moonlight, it’s a honour just to be mistakenly nominated.

Antenna Awards 2008

We swept 100% of the Antenna Awards in 2008, if this heavily-edited and tremendously biased clip is anything to go by.

The full awards ceremony can be viewed here.

Ceremony held at Federation Square on 8 June 2008

Antenna Awards 2009

Thanks to inflation, the number of Bazura wins drops by 66.6% in a one year period. And yet we remain thrilled.

The full awards ceremony can be viewed here.

Ceremony held at the Regal Ballroom in Northcote on 27 February 2009

Antenna Awards 2010

In 2010 we weren’t up for any awards, but were up for presenting some to other people. And although it really wasn’t about us, we’re including it because we’re completists. And also it’s usually about us.

The full awards ceremony can be viewed here.

Ceremony held at Federation Square on 27 June 2010