Digital Licence Ads

In 2009, Channel 31 and other Australian community television stations were in danger of becoming obsolete (technologically, not culturally) unless the government stepped up to do something about it. The Bazura Project made things worse by producing a series of community announcements for the cause.

The Bazura Project Digital Promo – Better Reception

There are many benefits to having a digital set top box, even if we don’t get the funding we’re after.

The Bazura Project Digital Promo – Sense of Reason

The best way to save any struggling sector is to appeal to a politician’s sense of reason.

The Bazura Project Digital Promo – Breeding Ground

Stations such as Channel 31 are an essential breeding ground for local talent, and not in a gross petri dish kind of way.

The Bazura Project Digital Promo – Training Ground

The benefitsĀ that community television stations provideĀ is difficult to argue against, but we try anyway.