Election 2007: Countdown to a Letdown


In 2007, we shook things up again by trying our hand at politics with a one-hour special about the 2007 Australian federal election. A few weeks after it aired, we quickly went back to movies. But here, in its entirety, is Election 2007: Coundown to a Letdown, presented by Adam Knox, Shannon Marinko, Emma Race and Lee Zachariah.

Election 2007 – Intro

The special kicks off with a rundown of everything you need to know about the upcoming election, from Prime Ministers-in-waiting to rock star candidates.

Election 2007 – Top Ten

What were the top ten moments of the 2007 election? Emma counts down the highs, the lows, and the downright incomprehensible.

Election 2007 – My First Election

What’s it like to vote for the first time? Adam is about to cast his first ever ballot, and invites us to relive the wonder and profound disappointment of democracy through the eyes of an 18-year-old.

Election 2007 – Fifth Termer

If John Howard wins the election, it will be his fifth consecutive term. But are you smarter than him? This spurious question is used to justify this ephemeral pop culture reference.

Election 2007 – Election Process

How does a party form government? Do we actually vote for the Prime Minister? In what way do our politicians resemble 1950s comedians? Lee explains the federal process as he stands in front of state parliament and hopes nobody notices.

Election 2007 – Bellwether

Can one single seat determine an entire election? This is one superstition that’s backup with historical data.

Election 2007 – How To Be a Politician

Ever wanted to be a politician? If so, we can only assume you’re a sick, corrupt bastard. But that doesn’t mean we don’t want to help you learn all the tricks of this awful, awful trade.

Election 2007 – Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Elections

There are so many confusing terms associated with elections. In an effort to make them more confusing, we accidentally explain most of them.

Election 2007 – Interview

Politicians are often considered sleazy, but what about the people who speak to them? Lee asks a federal candidate out on an interview under the creepiest of pretexts.

Election 2007 – How To Vote

There’s nothing look a good instructional video. And this is nothing like a good instructional video. Shannon and Lee present a complete run down on everything you need to know before you cast your ballot.

Election 2007 – Predictions

Want to know what will happen on election day (in 2007)? Then listen up as Emma, Adam, Shannon and Lee give their predictions on what will happen on the big day.