Saturday Night Cult Movie – Charade

Stanley Donen channels Alfred Hitchcock in tonight’s film Charade.

First aired on 7 June 2008

Antenna Awards 2008

We swept 100% of the Antenna Awards in 2008, if this heavily-edited and tremendously biased clip is anything to go by.

The full awards ceremony can be viewed here.

Ceremony held at Federation Square on 8 June 2008

Saturday Night Cult Movie – Bill and Coo

A love story featuring a cast of pigeons. Nothing we say in this intro is made up. Swear.

First aired on 14 June 2008

Saturday Night Cult Movie – Murder!

Alfred Hitchcock was less subtle when it came to hiding the subject matter of his earlier works, as evidenced in the thrilling Murder!.

First aired on 21 June 2008

Saturday Night Cult Movie – Captain Apache

Lee Van Cleef sings! And plays Captain Apache! This is already your favourite movie of all time, we can tell.

First aired on 28 June 2008