Episode 1.01

After locating our sixth sense, we discover Baz Luhrmann is about to make a film called Australia, look at the serious-ish issue of movie piracy, speak to Melbourne Underground Film Festival director Richard Wolstencroft, and review Paul Feig’s Unaccompanied Minors.

First aired on 7 December 2006

The Bazura Project 1.01 – Opening

We’re ready to tell you our secret now.

The Bazura Project 1.01 – News

Baz trademarks Australia, the press speculates on Cleopatra casting, and we give you the inside smurf on a mystery cartoon remake.

The Bazura Project 1.01 – Feature Story

Movie piracy is an issue we should take very seriously, regardless of what you see in this video.

The Bazura Project 1.01 – Interview

Lee and Shannon speak at Melbourne Underground Film Festival director Richard Wolstencroft.

The Bazura Project 1.01 – Reviews

We wanted our very first review segment to focus on an important film, but we’d only seen Unaccompanied Minors.

The Bazura Project 1.01 – Outro