Episode 1.10

After working in murder and executions, we look at the future for comic book movies, chat to former film festival director James Hewison, and talk the ups and downs of drama Notes on a Scandal.

First aired on 15 February 2007

The Bazura Project 1.10 – Opening

We’re into movies and elocution, mostly.

The Bazura Project 1.10 – News

What was the most important celebrity death of the past week? Which actor is going to be turning into a werewolf? Will Shannon break a confidentiality agreement he didn’t even sign?

The Bazura Project 1.10 – Feature Story

Comic book movies are the new black, which is good news for studios, as releasing two hours of video black into cinemas has not netted them the billions of dollars that the caped superheroes have. What adventures do we have to look forward to in the comic book medium? Shannon and Lee run through the latest rumours and confirmations.

The Bazura Project 1.10 – Interview

Frankly, we could talk to James Hewison for hours upon hours. Unfortunately, the allotted length of our interviews segment does not allow this, so we felt obliged to keep the questions to only those that would interest our viewers. Then we thought “screw this”, and asked questions that couldn’t possibly interest anyone other than ourselves. Enjoy!

The Bazura Project 1.10 – Reviews

Despite the promise of this week’s opening, there is no Rocky Balboa review. Instead, we look at the Cate Blanchett/Judi Dench English drama Notes on a Scandal, which is basically the same thing.

The Bazura Project 1.10 – Outro