Episode 1.09

After attending a symposium on semantics, we ask whether films based on true stories have any truth to them, we speak to legendary Australian screenwriter Everett De Roche, and review the high-concept Stranger Than Fiction.

First aired on 8 February 2007

The Bazura Project 1.09 – Opening

We love Melbourne. We idolise it all out of proportion.

The Bazura Project 1.09 – News

Competing Salvador Dali projects, a new Ghostbusters film, Robin Hood turns evil, and the Ocean’s 11 boys get some A-list competition.

The Bazura Project 1.09 – Feature Story

Oh, how gullible we are that we always believe the “Based on a True Story” tagline! So how true are they? This feature story is based on a true story.

The Bazura Project 1.09 – Interview

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If you’ve ever seen an Australian horror film, chances are it was written by Everett De Roche. The man has managed to forge an incredibly successful career in both genre films, kids TV and serial drama, and so The Bazura Project bought him a beer.

The Bazura Project 1.09 – Reviews

Is Stranger Than Fiction really strange? Or fictitious? More importantly, is it any good? Shannon and Lee use alcohol to find the answer.

The Bazura Project 1.09 – Outro