In 2005, we produced a half hour pilot for The Bazura Project, and received amazing feedback from all the major networks, including “yeah, nah” and “I’m sorry, he’s in yet another meeting”. This never-before-seen and also never-should-be-seen pilot is recommended only for the die-hardiest fans, or, more plausibly, those who find themselves aroused by ritual humiliation.

The Bazura Project Pilot

This is the entire 23 minute pilot for The Bazura Project, made in 2005 – a full year before our first episode went to air. A dispiriting insight how the show was created, the pilot includes:

  • a pretty funky opening title sequence that was never used again
  • the exact same Sixth Sense opening from episode 1.01
  • a feature story we would largely recycle in episode 1.10 when we were too tired to do a new idea
  • an interview with Melbourne International Film Festival director James Hewison, who was gracious enough to help us out with the pilot before returning to do the show proper in episode 1.10
  • red carpet interviews with Cameron Diaz and Toni Collette, perhaps the biggest names we ever had on the show, and yet they still couldn’t make it to broadcast

The pilot is presented for the sake of completeness, and features none of the crisp, polished production values that viewers would come to expect from the show. Not our show necessarily, but some show.

The Bazura Project Pilot Trailer

The four-and-a-half minute pilot trailer was included on the DVD sent to television networks, and is included here for the sake of those who can’t bring themselves to sit through the entire pilot itself. And for those who can’t bring themselves to sit through even the trailer, we applaud your priorities.