Episode 3.04

After not quite being a contender, we look at the French New Wave movement, speak with Not Quite Hollywood filmmaker Mark Hartley about scoring Tarantino endorsements, and get our hands around the adaptation of Chuck Palahniuk’s Choke.

First aired on 30 October 2008

The Bazura Project 3.04 – Opening

The Bazura Project lived by the jungle law of television!

The Bazura Project 3.04 – News

Steven Soderbergh tests the limits of his most devoted fan, Guy Pearce is set to star in a new film called Animal Kingdom, the author of Fight Club gets adaptated again, and Shannon delivers a Fantasy News Story.

The Bazura Project 3.04 – Feature Story

Lee’s Guide To Film Movements looks at the French New Wave movement, and gets all the cultural stereotype jokes out of the way in the first five seconds.

The Bazura Project 3.04 – Interview

The Bazura Project chats with Not Quite Hollywood director Mark Hartley about how audiences have reacted to his film, which luminaries refused to be in it, and headline-grabbing statements made by Quentin Tarantino.

The Bazura Project 3.04 – Reviews

Chuck Palahniuk’s novel Fight Club was turned into a truly great movie. Can his second adaptation – Choke – match those great heights? And how was this week’s Show and Found snatched from the headlines?

The Bazura Project 3.04 – Outro

Au Revoir!