The Bazura Project Season Three Trailer

They’re back.

The Bazura Project Season Three Promo – Compressed

A compressed episode for those who like their Bazura to go for thirty seconds max.

The Bazura Project Season Three Promo – The List

Proof that we can be as successful as any other popular TV show.

The Bazura Project Season Three Promo – Bust a Move

The only movie show that’s a triple threat.

The Bazura Project Season Three Promo – Pure Poetry

The program that will rhyme

Nearly every single instance.

The Bazura Project 3.01 – Opening

There is but one show to rule them all.

The Bazura Project 3.01 – News

Tonto rides again, vampires get religious, Guy Ritchie takes on Sherlock Holmes, and Will Smith Might Be Legend again.

The Bazura Project 3.01 – Feature Story

Whether it’s an asteroid hurtling towards Earth, a giant lizard hurtling towards Earth, or the Earth itself hurtling towards Earth, you need to know what to do if you’re to survive. Unfortunately, we can’t help you with that. But we can help you create your very own Disaster Movie in our latest Guide To Cinephelia.

The Bazura Project 3.01 – Interview

Australian director Gillian Armstrong tells Bazura about why she wants to direct Jack Ryan adventures.

The Bazura Project 3.01 – Reviews

Ridley Scott’s Body of Lies. Alan Ball’s Towelhead. Eran Riklis’s Lemon Tree. Shannon Marinko’s Show and Found. Bazura‘s reviews return with a vengeance! Well, not so much a vengeance as a graphic.

The Bazura Project 3.01 – Outro


The Bazura Project 3.02 – Opening

How did they ever do a parody of Lolita?

The Bazura Project 3.02 – News

Who might be the Green Lantern? What is David Cronenberg doing next? Which actor thinks he can do Louis Armstrong? You’d better wear something waterproof.

The Bazura Project 3.02 – Feature Story

The Bazura Project looks at why science fiction movies contain practically no science.

The Bazura Project 3.02 – Interview

Shannon meets his favourite director, Brian Trenchard-Smith, and keeps the swooning to an appropriate level.

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