Episode 3.02

After engaging in an entirely innocent and wholesome relationship, we look at the amount of legitimate science contained in science fiction films, sit down with Ozploitation legend Brian Trenchard-Smith, and look at new releases Burn After Reading and Max Payne.

First aired on 16 October 2008

The Bazura Project 3.02 – Opening

How did they ever do a parody of Lolita?

The Bazura Project 3.02 – News

Who might be the Green Lantern? What is David Cronenberg doing next? Which actor thinks he can do Louis Armstrong? You’d better wear something waterproof.

The Bazura Project 3.02 – Feature Story

The Bazura Project looks at why science fiction movies contain practically no science.

The Bazura Project 3.02 – Interview

Shannon meets his favourite director, Brian Trenchard-Smith, and keeps the swooning to an appropriate level.

The Bazura Project 3.02 – Reviews

The Coen Brothers create a film called Burn After Reading. Focus groups create a film called Max Payne. Questionable 1960s judgment creates this week’s Show and Found.

The Bazura Project 3.02 – Outro