The Bazura Project

Coming (back) Soon (again) (but just the website)

Congratulations! By following a series of clues — ie: typing in our URL or doing a basic web search — you have reached a temporary placeholder site for The Bazura Project. But what is The Bazura Project? From 2006 to 2008 it was a TV show about cinema that played on Australian community television. From 2009 to 2010 it was a safe word in Adelaide’s BDSM community. Then, in 2011, nearly three years after the makers of The Bazura Project said “Hey, it’s 2008!”, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (or “ASIO”) aired The Bazura Project’s Guide To Sinema, a six-part series that looked at Violence, Sex, Money, Profanity, Drugs and Fame in cinema. Critics were universal in their willingness to acknowledge the show’s existence, and the ABC was quick to renew the show for another season, only this time with an entirely new cast and now called Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries. Until we get this website back up and running, please enjoy this placeholder text. To keep up to date on all things Bazura, join our Facebook group or follow our Twitter feed or vandalise our Wikipedia page.