Feature Stories

Want to know where you cinema ticket money goes? Want to learn which films gets censored and which don’t? Want to become a film critic? The Bazura Project feature stories tell you everything you’ll ever need to know about everything to do with cinema.

The Bazura Project 1.01 – Feature Story

Movie piracy is an issue we should take very seriously, regardless of what you see in this video.

The Bazura Project 1.02 – Feature Story

Where does you cinema ticket money go? When you fork over that fifteen bucks, there are exhibitors, distributors, studios, production companies, directors, producers, actors, agents and Jack Nicholson all fighting over your sweet, sweet coins.

The Bazura Project 1.03 – Feature Story

Christmas brings with it a sleigh’s worth of Christmas movies. But where are the seasonal movies for other religions? We investigate.

The Bazura Project 1.04 – Feature Story

How do you behave when you go to the movies? We have absolutely no idea. We barely know you. But how should you behave when you go to the movies? The Bazura Project instructs you on proper cinema etiquette.

The Bazura Project 1.05 – Feature Story

You’ve heard all these movie myths a hundred times before, and repeated them to your friends as solid fact. But how many of them are true? And will us exposing them stop you from repeating them?

The Bazura Project 1.06 – Feature Story

What is a gaffer? What is a best boy? What is a producer? What is a Bazura Project feature story? Watch and learn.

The Bazura Project 1.07 – Feature Story

In the latest Guide To Cinephelia, we help you keep a night out at the movies down to a sweet, manageable four figures.

The Bazura Project 1.08 – Feature Story

He’s one of the most prolific filmmakers of the past forty years, and yet nobody has ever seen him in person. The Bazura Project examines the life and career of director Alan Smithee.

The Bazura Project 1.09 – Feature Story

Oh, how gullible we are that we always believe the “Based on a True Story” tagline! So how true are they? This feature story is based on a true story.

The Bazura Project 1.10 – Feature Story

Comic book movies are the new black, which is good news for studios, as releasing two hours of video black into cinemas has not netted them the billions of dollars that the caped superheroes have. What adventures do we have to look forward to in the comic book medium? Shannon and Lee run through the latest rumours and confirmations.

The Bazura Project 1.11 – Policed Academy

How does this Oscar thing work? We know Academy members vote for the nominees, but who decides who the nominees are? What’s the difference, in technical terms, between a lead role and a supporting role? Bazura has the answers.

The Bazura Project 1.11 – Oscar Trivia

Nothing (dis)interests people more than when you can reel off a bunch of fascinating Oscar-related facts. We searched for the best one and presented them in this handy easy-to-skip format.

The Bazura Project 1.11 – Feature Story

Our ever-popular-ish series of Bazura Project Guides To Cinephelia returns to look at proper Academy Awards etiquette. How do you navigate the red carpet? What do you do when the host makes a joke at your expense? Who are you wearing? Find out here.

The Bazura Project 2.01 – Feature Story

In a new Bazura Guide To Cinephelia, we have our own meet-cute with the codes and conventions of the romantic comedy. Watch this segment and you’ll either fall in love or learn how to make a romcom before dying alone.

The Bazura Project 2.02 – Feature Story

What’s in a name? 1979 Bette Midler vehicle The Rose, by any other name, would have made as much money. Or would it? The twists and turns and trends in movie titling is explored.

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