If you enjoyed this website, you should know that other websites exist. Here are some that tangentially relate to The Bazura Project and all who sail in her:

The Bazura Project’s Guide To Sinema on iTunes – Purchase all six episodes of our 2011 season on iTunes for the low, low price of $9.99. In terms of joke ratio, that’s $3.33 per joke! You can’t beat that.

Channel 31 Melbourne – Channel 31 gave us our start, but you shouldn’t hold that against them. Community TV is still going strong, so check out what they’re up to now in the age of digital channels and on-demand streaming and Taylor Swift and dank memes.

Hell Is For Hyphenates – A monthly film podcast founded by Bazura co-host Lee Zachariah, and frequent Bazura contributor Paul Anthony Nelson. Each month the show features a different guest who talks about a filmmaker they love. Guests have included Bazura co-host Shannon Marinko, Bazura producer/director Tim Egan, and many other faces and names that will be familiar to Bazura viewers because recycling guests is easy.

Lee Zachariah – The personal website of Bazura co-host Lee Zachariah. It’s mostly just for him, but you can look at it too if you really want to.

Cinema Viscera – The website for the production company of perennial Bazura producer/actors Paul Anthony Nelson and Perri Cummings.