Episode 2.12

After a quick trip to Skull Island, we explore the glory of Italian Neo-Realism, chat to director Scott Hicks about the films he’s turned down, and look at a whole slew of new releases as well as a Show & Found.

First aired on 23 August 2007

The Bazura Project 2.12 – Opening

Come, marvel at the Eighth Wonder of the World!

The Bazura Project 2.12 – News

Is there a new Fantastic Voyage? Is the Justice League movie finally going ahead? Is there a new oscarbait role for Jamie Foxx? Is there a receptacle that could possibly contain the respect Lee has for Len Wiseman?

The Bazura Project 2.12 – Feature Story

Another edition of Lee’s Guide To Film Movements, as Italian Neo-Realism gets a good once-over. Want to sound like an expert? Five minutes is all you need.

The Bazura Project 2.12 – Interview

The Rachmaninoff/mental illness craze of the 1990s was largely kicked off by Scott Hicks’s Shine. Now, several films later, he’s trying his hand at lighter, more contemporary fare with No Reservations. But what sorts of films has he been offered in the meantime? And how is Abigail Breslin like Meryl Streep? And what’s with the wine?

The Bazura Project 2.12 – Reviews

What do Shannon and Lee think of Ratatouille? Of No Reservations? Of Home Song Stories? Of Away From Her? Of Once? Of Hairspray? Of Mice and Men? Their opinions will not only blow your mind; they’ll render you incapacitated from the waist down.

The Bazura Project 2.12 – Outro