The Bazura Project 1.03 – Interview

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Dr George Miller is the genius behind the Mad Max series. He talks to Bazura about his new focus: dancing penguins.

The Bazura Project 1.08 – News

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What’s the latest twist in M Night Shyamalan’s career? Who’s up for a Golden Razzie? Is there a sequel to Good Morning Vietnam? Who the %&$# censors in-flight movies? Only those who click the magic triangle will find out.

The Bazura Project 2.12 – News

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Is there a new Fantastic Voyage? Is the Justice League movie finally going ahead? Is there a new oscarbait role for Jamie Foxx? Is there a receptacle that could possibly contain the respect Lee has for Len Wiseman?

The Bazura Project 3.03 – News

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Steven Soderbergh looks to the porn industry, new Star Trek stills are closely monitored, Brad Pitt becomes a god, and a good concept threatens to run itself into the ground.