Episode 2.06

After doubting our commitment to Sparkle Motion, we find the truth behind the first feature film ever made, talk to director Roger Donaldson about his career, and watch mostly-identical films Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix and La Vie En Rose.

First aired on 12 July 2007

The Bazura Project 2.06 – Opening

Lee watches a movie, and finds it kinda funny, finds it kinda sad.

The Bazura Project 2.06 – News

Is Joel Silver abusing monkeys? Is Dirty Dozen being remade? Is there a new Australian vampire film? Only Bazura but also maybe Google can provide you with your weekly semi-accurate movie news.

The Bazura Project 2.06 – Feature Story

Lee gets stuck on a movie trivia question at a swanky dinner party, and gives you a tip on how to avoid such embarrassment. Provided you’re asked this one specific question and nothing else.

The Bazura Project 2.06 – Interview

What do The Bounty, Species, Cocktail, No Way Out, The Getaway, The Recruit, Thirteen Days and World’s Fastest Indian have in common? Correct: they are all feature films. They also happen to be directed by Roger Donaldson, who tells us about the egos of A-list stars and the movies he almost made.

The Bazura Project 2.06 – Reviews

Does watching Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix make us regret nien? Does Edith Piaf biopic La Vie En Rose make our tear ducts expelliarmus? Once those questions are answered, Lee brings out a modern classic for this week’s Show and Found.

The Bazura Project 2.06 – Outro