The Adventures of Steve and Dean

The real heroes of The Bazura Project were Steve and Dean, a pair of mystery-solving BFFs who would often be called upon by the local constabulary when a smuggler-related crime proved too baffling for traditional law enforcement. But Steve and Dean weren’t just a pair of precocious genius sleuths: they were also big movie lovers. When a mystery proved too tough, they would take some time off and go to the local picturehouse to see what Old Man Oldman had in store for them that day. But shortly after they bought their tickets for one film, they’d be distracted by an exciting movie poster and see whatever that was advertising instead – and every time it proved fortuitous! The movie poster movie would trigger something in their heads, a vital clue that they’d overlooked, and halfway through the film they would run and solve the crime! If it wasn’t for their bijou diversions, they would never have solved The Mystery of the Dragon SmugglersThe Mystery of the Depressed Danish Sheep Farmer Smugglers, or The Mystery of the Benicio Del Toro Smugglers.

Reason Special Very

Filmmaking tip: if a scene isn’t working, try shaking things up.