Radio Free Cinema – Episode 5


This week, Lee and Shannon learn about a church whose teachings are based on the history of cinema with Father Chuck O’Malley, hear a special report from a Sundance Film Festival premiere from entertainment reporter Mary Spleen, interview producer Tony U. Grisible about his bold new idea to revitalise the Australian film industry, count down the best James Bond themes of all time, present the exclusive trailer for a riotous new animated kids’ film, and answer listener questions in the Movie Mailbag.

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Written and presented by Shannon Marinko & Lee Zachariah

Featuring Krystal Keller (Newsreader), Ben Russell (Werner Herzog), David Stratton (Himself), Bob Franklin (Father Chuck O’Malley), Sarah Alkemade (Vox Pop #1), Paul Anthony Nelson (Vox Pop #2), Jo Warrener (Vox Pop #3), Tim Egan (Vox Pop #4), Luke Bateup (Vox Pop #5), Kat Stewart (Mary Spleen), Alicia Malone (Herself), Alasdair Tremblay-Birchall (Crowd Control), Sean Lynch (Security), Dan Ilic (Dr Isaiah Keku), Rose Callaghan (Cumquat Birthstone), Claire Sullivan (Mimi Rank), Dean Cartmel (Interpreter), Cassandra Magrath (Dana Marshall), Wayne Hope (Tony U. Grisible), Pete Smith (Announcer), Laura Hughes (Tilda Swintons), Ben McKenzie (Rupert Grint), Tommy Little (Caligula), Phil Zachariah (Ancient Roman), Shaun Micallef (Tiberius), Rhys Muldoon (Macro), Cal Wilson (Drusilla), Celia Pacquola (Caesonia), Tony Martin (Incitatus), Lachy Hulme (Batman), Xavier Michelides (Guard), Scott Brennan (Prisoner), Andy Matthews (Senator #1), David M Green (Senator #2), John Barrington (Voice Over), Abe Forsythe (Hermann Goering)

“The Property of a Lady”
Lyrics by Lee Zachariah
Music arranged by Ian Post
Performed by Stephen Hall

Lyrics by Lee Zachariah
Music composed and arranged by Rusty Berther
Performed by Joe Dolce

“The Pigment of Kill”
Lyrics by Shannon Marinko
Music composed and arranged by Adam Rudegeair
Performed by Rhonda Burchmore

Recorded and edited by Lee Zachariah
Additional recording by Faith Everard
Special thanks to: Shane Dunlop, Channel 31 Melbourne, Jimmy Saunders


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