Radio Free Cinema – Episode 4


This week, Lee and Shannon get the scoop on all the exciting movie merch coming out in time for Christmas with pop culture marketer Annie Rasheed, travel to remote Northern European voice coaching academy Timbre Heard to meet accent and dialect expert Tilde Umlaut, present the exclusive trailer for a moving prestige drama, chat with Hungarian composer Máté Lantos about his latest film score, and answer listener questions in the Movie Mailbag.

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Written and presented by Shannon Marinko & Lee Zachariah

Featuring Krystal Keller (Newsreader), Henry Cartmel & Harriet Lamb (Baby Talk Critics), Ben Russell (Werner Herzog), Roz Hammond (Annie Rasheed), Chris Taylor (Dr Norman Gregerson), Ming-Zhu Hii (Valerie Beutler), Mark Humphries (Professor Christopher Stentz), Pete Smith (Announcer), Wayne from Who’s Who (The Who), Michael GT Blair (James Brown), Casey Bennetto (John Mellencamp), Adam Rudegeair (Men Without Hats & Eminem), Don Caron (Simon & Garfunkel), Geraldine Quinn (Amy Winehouse & Alanis Morissette), Ariel Spears (Jay-Z), Max Rowe (Justin Bieber), Gorgi Coghlan (Idina Menzel), Lee Zachariah (Tilde Umlaut), Alex Ward (Welsh Student), Djovan Caro (Voice Student), Harrison Engstrom (Voice Student), Ben Zachariah (Voice Student), Phil Zachariah (Voice Student), Sarah Alkemade (Vox Pop #1), Paul Anthony Nelson (Vox Pop #2), Jo Warrener (Vox Pop #3), Tim Egan (Vox Pop #4), Luke Bateup (Vox Pop #5), Michael Veitch (Mayor), Adam Hills (Wally), Victoria Thaine (Woman #1), Christopher Kirby (Buddy Vance), Maria Volk (Woman #2), Russell Fletcher (Man #1), Luke Hemsworth (Prentice Junuh), John Barrington (Voice Over), Francis Greenslade (Máté Lantos), Brian Nankervis (The Professor)

“The Waters of Balaton”
Music composed and arranged by Lee Zachariah

Recorded and edited by Lee Zachariah
Additional recording by Faith Everard
Special thanks to Shane Dunlop, Channel 31 Melbourne


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