Radio Free Cinema – Episode 3


This week, Lee and Shannon put their listeners’ knowledge to the test with a phone-in trivia quiz, discuss the formula for popular prestige films with award-winning producer Catarina Rice, present the exclusive preview for an exciting new historical adventure fantasy, compose a song designed to be used in a superhero movie trailer, speak to legendary editor Velma Schopenhauer about her extraordinary career, and answer listener questions in the Movie Mailbag.

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Written and presented by Shannon Marinko & Lee Zachariah

Featuring Krystal Keller (Newsreader), Ben Russell (Werner Herzog & Prince HAL), Perri Cummings (Astro-Hostess), Maggie Looke (Caller #1), David Koutsouridis (Caller #2), Andrew Mills (Caller #3), Bec Petraitis (Caller #4), Liam Ryan (Caller #5), Michael Shafar (Caller #6), Kate Denhert (Caller #7), Sonia Di Iorio (Caller #8), Warwick Holt (Caller #9), Dave Warneke (Caller #10), Pete Smith (Announcer), Peter Helliar (Himself), Robyn Butler (Catarina Rice), Sarah Alkemade (Vox Pop #1), Paul Anthony Nelson (Vox Pop #2), Jo Warrener (Vox Pop #3), Tim Egan (Vox Pop #4), Luke Bateup (Vox Pop #5), Ella Cannon (Lucy), Ed Kavalee (WS Gilbert), Robert Lloyd (Yeoman), Toby Truslove (Arthur Sullivan), Sally McLean (Queen Victoria), Don Bridges (Gargoyle King), John Barrington (Voice Over), Tosh Greenslade (Oscar Wilde), Essie Davis (Velma Schopenhauer), Tim Ferguson (Narrator)

“Standing in a Circle”
Lyrics by Lee Zachariah
Music composed and arranged by Jimmy Saunders
Performed by Rusty Berther

Recorded and edited by Lee Zachariah
Additional recording by Faith Everard
Special thanks to Shane Dunlop, Channel 31 Melbourne, Jimmy Saunders


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