Radio Free Cinema – Episode 2


This week, Lee and Shannon speak with South Tamworth International Film Festival director Stephanie Fleur-Flank, travel to North America to present a special category at a glamorous industry ceremony, unveil the exclusive trailer for a fun new romantic comedy, listen to the only surviving song from an abandoned animated feature, attempt to interview prolific Russian filmmaker Andrei Adanov, and answer listener questions in the Movie Mailbag.

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Written and presented by Shannon Marinko & Lee Zachariah

Featuring Krystal Keller (Newsreader), Ben Russell (Werner Herzog & Al Pacino), Sarah Alkemade (Vox Pop #1), Paul Anthony Nelson (Vox Pop #2), Jo Warrener (Vox Pop #3), Tim Egan (Vox Pop #4), Luke Bateup (Vox Pop #5), Emily Taheny (Stephanie Fleur-Flank), Nazeem Hussain (Oren Ambergris), Cate Wolfe (Morties Announcer), Kristy Best (Jill), Lulu McClatchy (Big Betty), Tom Ballard (Adam), Kaarin Fairfax (Mrs Davenport), Troy Larkin (Brad), Amanda Buckley (Italian Mama), Santo Cilauro (Pope), John Barrington (Voice Over), Stephen Hall (Andrei Adanov), Hannah Bath (Translation App), Claire Hooper (Contagion Cathy)

“Jack and the Beanstalk”
Lyrics by Shannon Marinko
Music composed and arranged by Lucy O’Brien
Performed by Sam Ward

Recorded and edited by Lee Zachariah
Additional recording by Faith Everard
Special thanks to Shane Dunlop, Channel 31 Melbourne, Triple R Melbourne, Jeremy Hopkins, John Thorn, Jimmy Saunders


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