Radio Free Cinema – Episode 1


This week, Lee and Shannon present the exclusive trailer for an exciting new procedural thriller, chat with soap star turned Hollywood headliner Amelia Bell-Jarman, check out the title track from the latest stage musical adapted from an Aussie film, place a prank call to the head of 20th Century Fox, meet Golden Age of Hollywood studio janitor Jerry Schutz, and answer listener questions in the Movie Mailbag.

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Written and presented by Shannon Marinko & Lee Zachariah

Featuring Krystal Keller (Newsreader), Ben Russell (Werner Herzog), Petra Elliott (Captain), David Lamb (Sergeant), John Safran (Detective Goldberg), John Barrington (Voice Over), Tegan Higginbotham (Amelia Bell-Jarman), Marc Fennell (Interviewer), Pete Smith (Announcer), Dave Thornton (Studio Executive), Sarah Alkemade (Vox Pop #1), Paul Anthony Nelson (Vox Pop #2), Jo Warrener (Vox Pop #3), Tim Egan (Vox Pop #4), Luke Bateup (Vox Pop #5), Lee Zachariah (Jerry Schutz), Colin Lane (Freddy Jones)

“Bad Boy Bubby: The Musical”
Lyrics by Shannon Marinko
Music composed and arranged by Andrew Hansen
Performed by Geraldine Quinn & Andrew Hansen

Recorded and edited by Lee Zachariah
Additional recording by Faith Everard
Special thanks to Shane Dunlop, Channel 31 Melbourne, Triple R Melbourne


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