The Bazura Project 3.07 – Interview

Charles ‘Bud’ Tingwell has worked with Chips Rafferty, Maureen O’Hara, Robert Wise, James Mason, Richard Burton, and Charlie the Wonder Dog. He has appeared in over one hundred films, and is probably the most valuable contribution Australia has ever given to cinema. A legacy we soon sully by interviewing him on The Bazura Project.

The Bazura Project 3.07 – Reviews

Ian Fleming’s James Bond 007 returns to find a shorter name in Quantum of Solace. Who loved it? Who was unimpressed? And just how left field can Shannon’s Show and Founds get?

The Bazura Project 3.07 – Outro


The Bazura Project 3.08 – Opening

A new show awaits you in the off-digital networks, a chance to begin again in a golden programme of opportunity and adventure.

The Bazura Project 3.08 – News

Mary and Max go online, Hollywood sinks even lower, the X-Men go emo, and a fascinating new project everyone’s talking about.

The Bazura Project 3.08 – Feature Story

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Just how do you define a film’s country of origin? Whatever your definition, it’s about to be cast asunder as we look at the tricky politics of movie birthing.

The Bazura Project 3.08 – Interview

Few actors appear to enjoy their work as much as Nathan Phillips, and even fewer have appeared on Bazura. Lee and Shannon throw some questions his way.

The Bazura Project 3.08 – Reviews

The Bazura Project takes on The Baz Luhrmann Project as Shannon and Lee critique Australia.

The Bazura Project 3.08 – Outro


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